​Android M 预览版一周体验:重点为补强的更新

对不起各位读者,小编来迟了。这着重打磨和品质的 Android M 预览版好歹都推出了大半月,但因为借测机器和刷机都花了不少时间,所以就只能有这一周体验的文章。不过在这不算长的使用体用之下,已经发现了 Android M 也跟它推出宗旨相符,在 Android Lollipop 的的骨干之中,能感受到 M 所带来相当数量的补强。


虽然在 Android M 上有加入多个新功能,但一般使用者能够感受到,也就是在这体验文中会谈及的不算太多。丑话说前面,引发小编想要写这文章的 Now On Tap 在 Preview 版本仍未开放使用,所以只能引用一下主站动手玩中的要点和视频。另外的是因为测试机器是 Nexus 6 加上身处香港,所以原生指纹标准和新的 Android Play 平台都不能测试。

Search is everywhere 的界面

把 Android M 成功刷进并开机之后,首先的感觉是「咦?这跟 Lollipop 如出一辙吧!」,但其实在左下角已经有个微小但实在的改变:快捷键从拨号换成搜索了。这是 Android M 在界面上的最大改变,如何地方都有「搜索」。继 Android Lollipop 的桌面上把 Google Search 工具栏设为常设和加入 OK, Google 语音启动功能,在 Android M 中几乎所有原生界面都加入用于搜索的放大镜图标,方便使用者随时作应用程序内的搜索。

快速设定页几乎在每个系统的更新中都有对它作微调,而 Android M 的快速设定页上的 Wi-Fi 和蓝牙选项更是加入直接选择跟那个设备连接,这好用的功能在第三方品牌也不常见。另外,请勿打扰也改放在快速设定上面,因为在 Android M 音量控制部分变回一个纯粹控制手机音效的设定。

在 Android M 中变化最大的可看是其 App Drawer,因为它改用以英文字母或笔画作排序的垂直式清单,说实话,变不好用了。可是它把常用的四个应用程序钉选在 App Drawer 的顶部,算是这奇怪设计中的一个较正面的新功能。


虽说在 iOS 和国产手机 ROM 中已有类似功能,但权限管理是 Android M 仍然是个不可多得的重点,因为在使用者对隐私愈趋关注的今天,能知道并修改让应用程序的权限要求是很重要的。使用者可以从多个方式查询和编辑各应用程序要求存取的权限,最直接的当然是进入个别的应用程序信息页面查看,当中还有该应用程序的流量、电量消耗等信息,但这都是后话。另外在设定页中的应用程序更能按不同权限分类,例如可以找出所有要求存取手机位置的应用程序,使用者可以按需要自己开关。

问题是,不管是从 Google Play 还是安装 APK 都只能在应用程序安装到手机后才可以变更。如果能在安装前就能像国产手机般,先让使用者选择允许它存取什么权限,这样的安全性似乎更高(难道这是再下一版更新的功能)。


在以上的两个能在 Preview 版本 Android M 能用到,而且能亲身体验到的重点功能之外,还有着两个不好分类的东西。先是 Wi-Fi 热点的设定,(起码)在 Nexus 6 是能够选择 2.4GHz 和 5.0GHz 频段,让所分享的网路有更佳的接收能力。另外就是 Android M 的 Doze 节电能力,在这一周的非正式观察中,本来耗电就有点问题的 Nexus 6 在晚上以 LTE 待机时,居然能有 3 小时才耗 1% 电量的惊人记录。但平常使用却跟 Lollipop 时差不多,一天一至两充是需要的。


因为这次所试用的仍是预览版本,而且有不少重点功能都仍未开放使用,所以小编只能作个相对简单的小结。对比 Lollipop,Android M 更像在原本系统之上加入改进,因为在外观风格上并没有太大改变。但所加入的各位功能,都是 Android 对比其对手所缺乏的,像是权限管理和最重要的续航力。所以说,Android M 会是一个相当强力的补强,让 Android 系统能多添其他新功能。


​Android M 预览版一周体验:重点为补强的更新

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在 YouTube 上以多角度看波音 787-9 特技飞行

巴黎航空展现正举行中,相信大家日前也在电视新闻或网上看过一架波音 787-9 在起飞后急速爬升的片段吧。波音知道大家一定不会满足于只以第三人称角度看这次飞行了,所以他们在 YouTube 上分享了其整合式的多角度的飞行视频,让大家自行决定看哪个视角。视频的四个画面都是同步播放的,个人就对驾驶舱内的情况较感兴趣了。如果大家也是航空迷的话,那就要点引用来源看看了,因为多角度视频暂时无法嵌入啊。


在 YouTube 上以多角度看波音 787-9 特技飞行

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Simplifying Factors In asian women dating

As a straight girl with a lot of straight male best friends I do not harbor any romantic emotions for, I’ve always been confused by how individuals manage to transition platonic friendships into relationships. Finally, Andrew Marshal, writer of: My Husband Does not Love Me … And He is Texting Someone Else’, and a revered marital counsellor believes the only asian dating site particular person we are able to change is ourselves and that needs to be the firs step in rescuing any marriage in crisis. Right here, he shows how, with a bit of honesty and several other helpings of humble pie, ladies can start the method of reviving the most unsalvageable marriage and win again the love of a dishonest man.

So say thanks at least 3 times a day. More if you happen to can. And take a look at her while you say it. Possibly seize her hand for a fast squeeze. Let’s be honest. Too many times we get used to what our spouses do that date asian women we expect it. In case you take a second to replicate, one can find something to be thankful for and saying it will open doorways.

While you’re struggling for ideas begin by asking her how that factor she said she was going to do went…however in a dorky method that makes her eager to respond. If I found this text few months in the past, my relationship would have be a terrific asian singles I learn this I discovered where and what I did fallacious. Fortunately, I believe I’m not too late. Thank you for this text.

Honestly, I’ve asked myself no-brainers like that a thousand times. Sadly, too often in my previous, I’ve overcomplicated the answers. By taking dating too severely, I’ve shot myself within the foot, spent too much time in my head, and ended up standing in my very AsiaDatingClub own manner. But after making some critical adjustments in my dating life , I’ve realized that loosening up and taking dating a little less significantly can yield better and, surprisingly, way more critical results.

Straightforward AsiaDatingClub Plans In The USA

Locating Real-World Systems For Asia Dating Club

despite the fact that many relating to the apps concerning the listing tend to be more informal, Match’s schtick is it is for individuals trying to find a relationship that is important. Clover search provides lots asia dating club of filters to be able to get the proper person. To help you select one that’s excellent for you personally, learn on for several prime relationship internet websites and apps to perhaps you dating online com have began.

As soon as upon a time, you were your wife’s knight in shining armor. One have a look at her and also you knew that your relationship was meant to be (and that she felt the same.) Fast-forward a couple of years…is it the identical now that life has set-in? Work, youngsters and stressors of day by day life are sufficient to take a toll on even the strongest of relationships It’s important asian singles near me to keep working every day to win your wife’s heart – to keep your knight standing in her eyes. Listed here are some great ideas on the right way to win your wife’s heart.

Mistake #1 – Trying to build attraction over textual content – Probably the most important things to remember is that it’s higher to construct attraction in individual if you’re nose to nose, not over textual AsiaDatingClub content. I’ve seen numerous guys use textual content to attempt to inform tales, be funny or sarcastic, asking her deep questions, and so forth. Earlier than lengthy, she loses curiosity, starts replying much less and less, and then just stops replying altogether.

Convenient Plans In AsiaDatingClub Revealed

asian singles near me

Yes, this piece of recommendation gets used time and again, but there’s good reason for it. Pretending to be someone else is among the biggest turnoffs that ladies asian women dating can find in a man. You will need to understand who you’re, persist with it, and discover a way to sell it to potential dates.

The age of empowerment and equality has shifted the dynamics between women and men. Not that it’s unlucky or something but it surely did affect girls’s perspective on marriage. More and more ladies discover their approach in the higher strata of the corporate ladder. A huge chunk of them have devoted their time on discovering ways to advance on this ever-altering, ever-aggressive society. The dynamics have changed AsiaDatingClub. Ladies are extra competitive and driven. In some way, this period is seeing a more levelled playing field for women and men. In consequence, domesticated life, marriage life that is, has become more of a second possibility than a precedence. What used to be ladies’s ultimate source of achievement has taken a backseat.


  时光网特稿 1941年美国公映的《小飞象》感动了几代观众,影响力已经波及了全世界范围,小飞象丹波无疑是迪士尼动画的经典角色之一。








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  • 2011 : 160万美金
  • 2012 : 160万美金
  • 2013 : 290万美金(从这一年开始销售互动指南)
  • 2014 : 1090万美金
  • 2015年奖金已经超越2014年总奖金,且还在持续增长Image title






2014年全球电子游戏产业总收入高达1000亿美金,几乎是电影行业的3倍。游戏《侠盗猎车手5》(Grand Theft Auto V)3天就赚了10亿美金;《我的世界》(Minecraft)也以25亿美金的价格卖给了微软;《Candy Crush》的开发者——King,2014年收获22.6亿美金;《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)每位员的工收入几乎是谷歌员工的10倍;英雄联盟月收入达1270万美金。


每个人都可以在网上放东西并且很可能很快就会流行开来。在游戏世界也是如此,游戏名人靠传播他们的游戏视频来获取粉丝和财富。例如恐怖游戏与动作游戏达人PewDiePie拥有590万名Twitter粉丝,一跃成为世界名人。相比之下,其他名人的粉丝数则为:Tiger Woods450万;Beyonce1400万;Kobe Bryant660万;Rafa Nadal790万;Leonardo DiCaprio1280万。此外PewDiePie在Instagram上拥有420万关注者,YouTube频道订阅数超过3500万,排名第一。


如此高的游戏视频收视率就保证了大型游戏竞赛能吸引到众多观众。Dota2频道在Twitch上排名第三,火爆程度得以让其举办如此大型的比赛。同时,职业玩家通过流媒体与游戏爱好者进行交流也是很普遍的事,他们在常规游戏视频中展现自己的个性和游戏操作技能,还可以通过Twitch Chat、Reddit、Twitter等社交媒体与粉丝交流,这就好比罗纳尔多或梅西一边与队友踢着球,一边和你谈笑风生。





目前,手机游戏的火爆程度正在超越单机游戏,虽然传统的休闲类手游,如Angry Birds、Candy Crush、和Clash of Clans占据着市场,但是类似Dota2、StarCraft和Counter Strike这类竞技型、联网对战并更注重技巧的游戏也很有发展空间。现在的科技已经可以让这类游戏小型化,且操作更简单,这也是未来竞技类游戏发展的一个核心。


Image title




Image title

Image title


如果你观察电子竞技大屏幕,你就能发现一些经常出现在比赛中的战队。目前比较知名的战队有Team Liquid、 Evil Geniuses、Na`Vi、Fnatic、Cloud9和 Invictus Gaming。Image title









博彩对于传统体育竞赛来说并不陌生。得益于流媒体极高的收视率和频繁的比赛场次,如今电竞博彩的市场巨大,发展也十分迅猛。目前有一些电竞博彩的网站,它们可以让你边看比赛边用游戏物品下注,赔率会根据大家怎么下注而自动调节,通常十分准确,当然赌注越高奖金也越多。电竞博彩业的发展从另一方面也体现了游戏迷们乐于通过投入资金的方式使自己参与到电竞游戏中。Image title


随着观众的增加,许多第三方网站也逐步兴起了。有些可以请教练来教你玩游戏,有些是新手指南,还有一些玩家博客和Dota2的维基百科网站等。Dotabuff是一家针对Dota2的游戏数据分析网站,它可以对你所有的比赛做一个全面的游戏数据分析,通过你的游戏表现和全体玩家表现算出你的成绩和胜算。他们每天分析的游戏场次超过14万,而且游戏结束几分钟后就能得出数据。不仅如此,Dotabuff还能帮你分析对手的表现,帮你更好地提升比赛水平。随着电子游戏的蓬勃发展,这类工具型网站也会获得不错的发展空间。Image title

Image title

Image title




这里的创业者都是fun maker,朝思暮想如何make fun;他们占据了创业圈最年轻、最高的颜值;他们是互联网精神文明的引领者,覆盖社交、互联网+影视,音乐、游戏、二次元动漫、阅读、粉丝经济等各个方面。

我们每天听他们讲最有趣的创业idea,分享他们作为一个创业者和娱乐家的人生经验,小心翼翼发现下一个fun maker。



A Guide To Real-World Advice For Victoria Brides Reviews

Are you nearly to undergo a divorce and are anxious about how you’ll take your next romantic step while you’re ready to start seeing people again? Alyan mentioned there are numerous Russian girls who go to the consulate due to problems they are struggling. She said the consulate can shield them and even help them journey again to Russia, however they cannot do the identical for their victoriabrides.com sons or daughters. “We are ruled by the household system and native legal guidelines that stipulate a father must give permission for his children to journey. There are some husbands who completely refuse for their children to obtain Russian nationality, out of worry they are going to leave. This is especially true for daughters. Others, nonetheless, do the exact opposite: As soon as they are married they try to get their kids Russian nationality,” she mentioned.

Our mission is to help people Love Life to the Full. Whether you like adventures or cosy nights in, with our intelligent two-means matching characteristic, we are assured you will find new romance, friendship or companionship. Laughter is the most effective victoria brides scam drugs, and it really works wonders in terms of charming women. Studies present it is the guys who can make a woman giggle that beat out every other kind of man, irrespective of how much cash he makes.

Respect all the issues which are good in your relationship. Everyone feels more snug when there’s appreciation. Wouldn’t you? Be taught to thank them for things they do even of it means saying thank review victoria brides you for a ride residence. The issues that they do for you all resemble the respect they’ve for you. Not all ladies have a great relationship, recognize yours.

Inform her just a few secrets and techniques, and she or he’s certainly going to trust you with hers. For those who show an excessive amount of within the sack” curiosity before review victoria brides you meet a girl, you’ll fail miserably. Girls want to really feel appreciated and valued and if they suppose they are a short time period sex object, you will by no means score.

Are you fed up surfing through the Internet looking at endless Russian dating sites and undecided who on earth to trust? When it comes to Russian dating websites, it could actually actually be as risky as Russian roulette, because you may never make certain victoria brides reviews who to belief. Sure you’ve got probably read lots about Russian dating scams and positively there are lots about. So we’ve made it straightforward for you and brought all of the exhausting work out of finding first rate Russian dating websites on which to search out your excellent Russian bride.

After all, by the point you’re ready to move in together with your associate, you have to be well past the stage of attempting to appear like an ideal, superhuman version of your self and be comfortable victoria brides website displaying your much less superb sides. When in doubt if a textual content is simply too dangerous, don’t send it. Wait to spend time with a girl face-to-face to find out her sense of humor, and if she’ll suppose ‘inappropriate’ jokes are funny.

Fast Plans Of victoria brides reviews For 2019

Picking No-Hassle Solutions Of victoria brides review

In case your new girlfriend needs to undergo your cellphone, don’t deny her request primarily based on principle. It’s not that she does not belief you, it is that Korean tradition is telling her you is victoria brides a scam site are most likely speaking to different girls. If it makes her really feel extra comfy, you must take into account it.

A woman who will get pig-fats after marriage is a shame to herself and her household. She should pay attention to her picture and keep her physique trim for you. Girls will all the time acquire just a few pounds after marriage, but there’s a difference between a couple of kilos and 100 pounds. Take a look at all the women victoriabrides scam in her household, if they are all pig-fats it is a good suggestion to stroll away as fast as you may. You will have to see your wife daily, you don’t want to be desirous about skinning some bacon off of her back to cook breakfast.

You do not have to blow your bank account to impress her. Suppose outside the field. I have been watching certainly one of my good buds Danny pursue his lady proper. Update: Danny Booko is now engaged to Nia, the present Miss USA 2014. He took her on a hike in Malibu, CA to waterfalls after which took her to this place known as M Café full with swans. He’s additionally taken her to the Getty museum and the zoo, which victoria brides legit are free. One other concept is to take her to a place like Coloration Me Mine, the place you paint your individual pottery. Putting thought and originality right into a date lets her know you really care about showing her the perfect in life and it allows you to experience one another across varied situations.

As silly and naïve this sounds, it’s probably the very best piece of recommendation in the case of studying how one victoria brides dating service can flip your wife on. If your marriage, your children’ activities, your wife’s job and all the other parts that make up her schedule are going great, intercourse life is prone to be good.

Endurance might be crucial trait that it’s essential undertake so as to be able is victoria brides a scam to cope together with your pregnant wife’s adjustments in temper. You possibly can’t afford to be irritable with a pregnant woman in any other case you’ll find yourself frustrated ninety nine% of the time.


DTC就是Direct to consumer,大家熟知的23andMe就是这种业务的典型范例。相比一般研究,DTC类型中的样本提供者和研究人员并不分离。原文来自基云惠康创始人郝向稳。



23andMe是DTC业务的典型,DTC就是Direct to consumer啦。在一般的研究项目中,研究人员与提供样品的人员是分离的,科研人员拿到样品执行完研究计划后,通常是在学术期刊上发表论文,然后,然后和提供样品的人就没有关系了。




鉴于此,国家政府组织的基因测序计划也在如火如荼进行。英国的10万人基因组项目是世界上首个开展大规模人群全基因组测序的项目,这两年一直在稳步推进,上周,Genomics England发布Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP),确认了参与该计划基因组注释的人员,涉及了30个研究课题,包括2000名研究人员,希冀通过GeCIP项目,可以把基因组研究的成功直接惠及临床病人。

另外一项值得关注的进展是Oxford Nanopore首次发布了MinIon测序技术相关的价格:1000美元。用户可以得到USB大小测序仪MinIon MKI,包括三张测序芯片和两盒试剂的启动试剂盒、软件等。

在应用上,最近也是大出风头,从全长cDNA测序到埃博拉病毒检测;Oxford Nanopore更是放言,要把测序通量提高到40Gb(在USB大小测序仪上获得如此高的通量,加上超长的读长,确实令人充满了期待,但想想Oxford Nanopore一直以来的发展节奏,保持谨慎乐观!)


本文来自读者投稿,不代表 36氪 立场

不满意 iPhone 的拍照表现?不如试试 DxO One



iPhone 作为手机拍照的标杆,虽然其各方面表现非常出色,但始终受限于体积等因素,无法与“大底”的数码相机相比。因此,像索尼这样的“黑科技”厂商便推出了 QX 系列外置式摄像头,还有仅在日本销售的奥林巴斯 Air。

此外,iPhone 还有一些扩展镜头,可以实现广角、鱼眼和微距等效果,但它必须要在摄像头或者手机背壳上使用可能并不美观的固定装置。

法国评测机构 DxO 实验室则另辟蹊径,推出了一款通过 iPhone 上 Lightning 接口的 DxO One 摄像头。对于 iPhone 上面这颗本来已经不错的 800 万像素摄像头,DxO 又是如何打算让你用上 DxO One 呢?

最小的 1 英寸传感器相机

与索尼 QX100/RX100 一样,DxO One 搭载了 2020 万像素的 1 英寸背照式传感器,但体积上相比外置式摄像头 QX100 要更有优势,约一个 Zippo 打火机的大小,重量 3.8 盎司(约 108g)。不过,外媒 CNET 对 DxO One 的评价是它太过于小巧,很容易会出现手指遮挡镜头的情况。

从图片上来看,连接在 iPhone 上面的 DxO One 更像是一台拥有大屏幕的 DV 摄像机。Lightning 接口的位置可以实现前后 60 度旋转,使用效果就相当于相机上面的可折叠屏幕,实现更方便的多角度取景。

镜头方面,DxO One 采用了一颗 11.9mm 焦距的六片非球面镜头(等效焦距 32mm),与 iPhone 上面的摄像头焦距差不多,此外还支持 3 倍数码变焦,和最近对焦距离 20 厘米。不过,DxO One 则拥有 f/1.8 的最大光圈和 f/11 最小光圈,在 1 英寸的“大底”下,f/1.8 的浅景深表现估计会比 iPhone 的摄像头出色不少。

为了能够实现更光亮环境下使用大光圈镜头,DxO One 的快门速度最高可以达到 1/8000 秒,而长曝光模式则可以最长达到 15 秒的快门。对于单反来说,1/8000 的快门在入门级 APS-C 和入门级全画幅上都没有配备。

原生 ISO 100-12800,扩展最高可达 51200,在相机中的配置并不算高,但对于手机来说已经远远超越。只是如此高的 ISO 表现如何,则有待真机体验之后才可下定论。

除了能够拍照之外,DxO One 还支持具备电子防抖的最高 1080P/30fps 的视频录制。

除了支持 RAW,还有 SuperRAW

iOS 良好的应用生态,造就出不少优秀的摄影类应用,让用户深深依赖于图片后期。而图片后期让人最纠结的问题就是本身已经有损压缩的 JPEG 图片,经过处理后细节的丢失可能更大。为了寻求更大的后期空间,不少用户选择了原始数据的 RAW 格式来储存照片。

RAW 格式可能大家已经非常熟悉,目前也有不少手机已经支持 RAW 格式拍摄,但不仅作为硬件厂商还是一个软件厂商的 DxO,在 DxO One 上增加了 SuperRAW 格式的拍摄。

SuperRAW 也不算是一个非常神秘强大的功能,它只不过是同时拍摄 4 张连续的原始图像,然后进行堆栈式处理。在低光的环境下,可以减少照片中的噪点。与 HDR 不同,SuperRAW 拍摄的是相同曝光的原始图像,而 HDR 是合并不同曝光的图像来实现广泛的宽容度,所以 SuperRAW 的唯一特点就是在低光环境下,减少照片中的噪点。


DxO One 上方是一个二级快门按键,背面是一个 OLED 触摸屏,可以显示相机的重要信息,同时还可以切换相机模式。触摸屏下方是 Micro USB 接口以及 Micro SD 内存卡。内置电池充满电量之后,可以拍摄大约 150-180 张照片。在 iPhone 上安装 DxO One 的配套应用就能够使用相机。



之前在体验索尼 QX100 的时候,虽然 1 英寸传感器搭配卡尔蔡司的镜头,让画质和色彩都非常讨喜人,但因为数据通过 Wi-Fi 传输,如果遇到无线网络环境比较复杂的情况,就会出现传输速度慢,实时取景延迟时间长等问题,影响了 QX100 的体验。

而如广角、鱼眼和微距的扩展镜头使用在 iPhone 摄像头上,先不说搭配的保护套美观与否,在本身已经非常局限的手机拍摄能力上,再进一步损失画质,显然有些得不偿失。

在 Lightning 接口上衍生出来的周边配件很多,然而却很少出现在 Lightning 接口上的相机。DxO One 的设计思路实际上是准而狠的,无需使用可能不太美观的保护套,同时也不需要通过无线传输,在使用体验上可能要比索尼 QX100 和扩展镜头更有优势。

由于没有体验过真机,对于画质如何还不好定夺,但要说 DxO One 的缺点,可能不得不提它的售价,599 美元的价格有些让人望而却步。

(部分图片引用自 The Verge、CNET)

Google 图像识别 AI 眼中的世界是怎样的?

Google 在 2015 I/O 大会上推出的 Google Photos 不仅仅是一个相册,它可以将相册中同一个人物的照片整合在一起,比如回顾一个婴儿从小到大的成长轨迹。通过人工智能的长期学习,它甚至可以自动判断对你重要的时刻、重要的人、和重要的事物。

在其中起到关键作用的是 Google 的图片识别 AI 。它通过学习大量的图片、调整算法来提高识别的精确度。

但是工程师们要如何知道 AI 对图片识别的准确性呢?

通过一个被称为 Inceptionism 的项目,Google 工程师潜入了 AI 的 “梦境”。他们先输入一张图片,让它识别图片中关键的部分;再让 AI 输出一张图片,表达它对图片的理解。


Google 的图片识别 AI 具有 30 层神经网络,每一层对应着不同的抽象程度,比如最低层次能识别光线、色彩,下一层次能识别图片的边缘等等。这样一层层的“训练”需要大量的数据。每一层都能提取出更高层次的细节,而最后一层会决定 AI 对图片的理解。

比如你想知道输入怎样的图片会让 AI 认为是“香蕉”,可以从一张满是噪点的图片开始,然后慢慢调整,直到它输出你想让它识别的事物。


在测试中,当试图询问哑铃是什么时,Google AI 输出了带手臂的哑铃,在输入学习的图片库中,哑铃都是和手臂一起出现的。那么提高认识精确度的办法就是,在训练学习中多输入一些哑铃单独出现的图片。




Google 还专门为这些图片建了一个相册。有的如同超现实主义的艺术作品,有的则十分惊悚。这些图片至少能够表明,AI 眼中的世界显然与人类还有很大的差距。


“这是我见过最恐怖的东西。如果 AI 眼中的世界是我们永远都不可能看到的,那么我们要怎么回应它们的行为?”




Docker与CoreOS 联合推出Open Container Project,要实现容器技术的标准化

在旧金山举行的2015 DockerCon大会上传出了一则重磅消息,容器技术的当红炸子鸡Docker与基于Linux内核的轻量级操作系统CoreOS联合推出了开放容器项目Open Container Project,目标是实现容器镜像格式与运行时的标准化。这很有可能实现,因为这两家小公司已经几乎把所有的大公司都吸引到了项目当中,包括微软、IBM、Google、英特尔、Amazon、HP、华为、思科、EMC等。



在分工上,Docker将为项目贡献其容器格式、运行时代码并提供规范。而Amazon Web Services、Apcera、思科、CoreOS、Docker、EMC、富士通、高盛、Google、HP、华为、IBM、英特尔、Joyent、Linux Foundation、Mesosphere、微软、Pivotal、Rancher Labs、Red Hat以及VMware将围绕着容器格式和运行时建立标准。这个项目可谓汇聚了业界的中坚力量来共襄大业。

历史已经表明,标准对于推动产业发展具备极高的重要性。同时,需要制定标准也代表了技术的蓬勃发展已经到了需要规范的地步。除了容器技术以外,我们还可以看到其他的标准化努力,如致力于制定软件定义网络(SDN)规范的 OpenDaylight Project,制定物联网标准的 Allseen Alliance等。一旦这些标准制定取得成果,也就意味着相关技术即将走向成熟和大规模应用了。