ACT advice Post because of the SAT that is new

The Brand New ACT Essay / Composing Section

Big news: so that you can result in the test more available, and contend with the latest SAT, the ACT has turned its Essay (composing) area into a test that is multiple-choice.

okay, certainly not. But types of.

Because you can have heard chances are, the ACT is changing the structure of their Writing Test (a.k.a. 继续阅读ACT advice Post because of the SAT that is new

Facing all the way down a deferment Notre Woman welcomes conversation

Facing all the way down a deferment Notre Woman welcomes conversation with deferred pupils
Harvard Higher education deferred 4673 applicants towards regular conclusion out of 6173 students who all applied ‘single-choice’ early motion this autumn. Brown deferred 63 per-cent of the 3030 capturing early option candidates, while MIT deferred 4776 connected with its 7767 early motion applicants together with Yale deferred 53 percentage of a early applicants.

Georgetown deferred all students in no way accepted to early activity program on the spring assessment.
Duke, on the other hand, deferred 663 students out of 3455 applicants to regular option, Middlebury deferred 74 individuals out of 685, and Stanford deferred solely 701 pupils out of 7822 restricted quick action individuals.

Although these schools has many application management tactic for dealing with deferred students, that it is clear in that position too many who have applied beginning this tumble are finding they are neither accepted not invalidated , however deferred on the regular accès pool.

And when you find yourself in that position, please know that you’re not alone.

Due to the fact many colleges been given record quantities of early balms, it stands to reason that except in cases where acceptances improve, you have considerable company— typically very dissatisfied.

But try to put the best face on your disappointment. Imagine deferral in the form of kind of possessing pattern. Colleges are submitting a signal they ought to know a lot more about you before you make a final determination. Often they want to see your component in the best essays writing help backdrop ? setting of the overall applicant share or they simply want to see the way in which well you aren’t continuing to carry out senior year or so.

You can also think of the principles as an opportunity to regroup or maybe reconsider the job strategy. For most students, your deferral might be a wake-up name. Make sure you are applying to a solid mixture of schools, plus a sufficient quantity of colleges where there is a good or perhaps better likelihood you will be mentioned.

If you continue committed to the group that deferred you, have a tendency despair. Although there are no guarantees, you can possibly respond to the issue or wait for an next game of decisions to come out in the New Year.

I recommend response. And here’s how:

1 . Do not crash— texture those computer software. There’s no problem this is a problem. It’s normal to feel letdown, but do not let it that they are crippling. Bare this in mind, don’t let the relatively minimal amount of bump from the road hold off completion of the rest of your applications. Complete those staying essays quickly and try to publish well in advance about due dates.

two . Understand along with follow the policies. Before executing anything, be sure to review along with understand deferment policies. Many colleges are very clear of which deferred appliers should not contact, write, and also send more materials. Other folks will delightful communication. Have more expertise in the policy and also form an insurance policy of motion to adequately address often the deferral.

3. Communicate with Admissions. Consider calling or possibly emailing the actual admissions representative for your vicinity. He or she it’s likely that read the job and possibly remembers you. It’s a busy period for tickets, but if occur to be lucky you may get personal suggestions and a good sense of how you stacked facing the rest of the quick pool. You may also get creative ideas on how to enhance your candidacy simply by clarifying distress or by just submitting supplemental test final results, information, or recommendations. However whatever you perform, resist the exact temptation in order to complain or possibly badger the staff.

check out. Update your application. Although educational institutions require that official midyear grades always be sent direct by your graduating high school, take the initiative to help forward a copy of your semester grade state with a employment cover letter firmly restating your determination to attend in the event admitted— on condition that that’s truly the case of course— along with since succinct declaration as to why you would imagine the college is a better fit on your behalf. Include mention of any new and enhanced standardized analyze scores, further leadership rankings, new memberships, recent events or online community service pursuits in which you have been completely involved, and even any exceptional awards people received. Look at sending a surplus writing song or essay. And do add useful supplementary details such as backlinks to clips or classifieds articles. Remember colleges truly only want to learn what’s took place because a person submitted your original approval, so no longer rehash way back when. And don’t excellent skiing conditions them with cardstock. Be chat in what anyone send.

5. Consider getting a campus pay a visit to. If you didn’t already spoken with the region representative, attempt to make an appointment to fulfill sometime in The following year or January. This can be an opportunity make your advantages of admission face-to-face. If the individual is not attainable, don’t be discouraged— it’s best reading time of year and period is limited. Alternatively, visit a type, have meal, and receive a closer glance at the campus. You may find subtle within your feelings within the school the fact that open you to definitely other choices.

?tta. Send a further recommendation. In the event permitted, finances for it to have a different recommendation provided on your behalf. Find someone who could speak to qualities other than the ones represented inside recommendations the school already gained. Consider questioning a guru, your employer, a faculty mentor for one to your membership institutions, or a elderly year professor who has received a chance to learn you. Usually do not flood the main admissions office environment with hundreds of additional recommendations. This is not going to help.

7. Look at retesting. If perhaps test standing appear to be your barrier to admission, consider retaking frequently the SEATED (January) or perhaps the ACT (February). Who knows? Your company’s scores may well improve truly enough to manufacture a difference inside your admissions potentials.

6. Make academics your first main concern . The next step is to reveal your individual true individuality by functioning even more challenging to improve category standing. Do not lured towards senioritis. Organisations on the fencing about your candidacy will be afraid of a continuing upward pattern in levels.

hunting for. Step-up local community or class involvement. This is definitely NOT the time to quit participating in school- or maybe community-based functions. Instead, it is best to seek out leadership opportunities and also have a continued impact on your current community. Colleges and universities want to see a commitment to provider that doesn’t simply end as the paperwork was submitted.

10. Total scholarship, federal loans and/or elevates college programs. Don’t cease now. If ever the college offers supplementary grant or consistently improves college apps, make sure they are completed and posted before due date. This includes typically the CSS REPORT. Be aware that filling out these documents— especially following a deferral— programs a significant a higher level continued curiosity.

11. Talk to your university counselor. Be sure to provide your current counselor with more up-to-date tips on additional achievements that may be related to your application and get for these accomplishments to be contained along with mid-year grades. If your college continues to be your first solution, suggest your own counselor get this point someplace on the web form or possibly within the cover letter. In some cases, a name from your psychologist to the entrée office might help, particularly if he or she has a strong romance with the university.

fjorton. Move on. Consider your deferral a way to explore additional tactics. It’s really hard not to always be miserable over a less-than-positive reaction to all the diligence you’ve combined with being the ideal candidate for admission. Although once you have completed everything potential to persuade the college to admit, move your particular attention elsewhere and dwell on often the negative. Despite the presence of this tiny detour, remain confident inside your prospects.









接下来是百科,我对比了一下,百科的内容和Wei Ji的内容一样,并且查询的百科的时候,会出来联想词。










登录之后,可以在这里管理生词本,历史记录 ,标记的单词,可以查看也可以删除,生词本还能建立不同的文件夹,方便管理。






它可以查询到和Wei Ji,和Google翻译一样的结果,不仅在翻译结果上让令人放心,还省去了科学上网的过程,这个真的是方便。








































翻译功能也一直失败,确定不是不能翻译,因为我输入的是Hello和Thank you这些简单的语句。







Windows版本的欧路词典功能相对简单 ,主要以取词和划词为主。取词和划词的区别在于,取词只需讲鼠标放在单词上即可,并且只能在单词上;划词则需要讲单词选中,划词的优势在于可以选中整段来进行翻译,非常方便。















Tamr是一家整合不同数据源并帮助企业理解分析数据的大数据初创企业,总部位于麻省Cambridge市,由数据库行业的老兵成立于2013年。包括Andy Palmer、Mike Stonebraker以及Ihab Ilyas几位联合创始人在内的创业团队原是MIT计算机科学与人工智能实验室(MIT CSAIL)的成员,在实验室时他们就开始了大规模离散数据整合的研究。其中Mike Stonebraker更是现代数据库的权威,因对现代数据库系统底层的概念与实践所做出的基础性贡献获得了2014年的图灵奖。而Tamr则是他们开发商业级大规模分散数据连接解决方案的努力结果。

Image title

类似Google是利用算法从浩瀚的网页中搜索信息,Tamr则是利用算法在不同来源的数据库中搜索想要的数据。因为上规模的公司往往会有几十个Oracle数据库实例,上百个数据库,而表更是成千上万的规模。跨这么多数据库去搜索信息以前尚无有效手段。而Tamr的做法是对企业所有的数据源建立一个集中目录,然后进行统一的数据展示和管理。这种做法可以令企业对自己的数据有一个全面的掌握,并能有效防止数据泄露。Stonebraker 对公司的技术相当有信心,认为其规模数据一体化技术会像2004年的列存储数据库一样成为数据库领域新的热点。


目前Tamr拥有丰田、GE、Novartis等客户,投资者Thomson Reuters本身也是客户之一。

此轮融资由Hewlett Packard Ventures、Thomson Reuters及MassMutual Ventures领投,原有投资者NEA、Google Ventures参投。至此其总融资额已达4240万美元。


Top ten Hottest Girls of this Olympics 2018

Top ten Hottest Girls of this Olympics 2018

The Olympic Games attract the eye of men and women many thanks not just to dazzling tournaments but in addition into the involvement of sexy athletes. On February 25, the primary activities occasion of the season – the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang finished. They gathered around three thousand of the greatest athletes from around the entire world. During a couple of weeks, people and users of social networks not merely viewed your competitors but additionally evaluated the beauty of girls. And we provide you to savor hot girls for the Olympics by considering their photos.

1. Elizaveta Kondakova

The well-known postulate “Only genuine males play hockey” has long been beyond critique because females perform it besides! rates in women’s hockey aren’t comparable with men’s one, but fans are admired by gorgeous girls. Look just during the Russian team goalkeeper that is national! It really is worth watching the women’s hockey in the Olympics at least as a result of her. Elizaveta Kondakova is just 21 yrs old and she actually is currently the goalkeeper associated with the Russia women’s youth national hockey. She actually is called probably the most hockey that is charming player. Some even predicted her a profession into the realm of model business, but Kondakova didn’t care. She’s been involved with hockey since childhood. And her life is uninteresting and boring without one. Elizaveta chose this sport for a easy reason – her dad can be a hockey player. One he day told their child which he saw girls training in the stadium. He said and forgot, but Lisa that is little did forget! Her profession began from that minute.

2. Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal was created when you look at the city that is norwegian of. She got the very first snowboard in the age of 4, but she had been additionally involved in other activities in youth, which, nevertheless, couldn’t surpass her passion for snowboarding. Blue-eyed snowboarder that is blond won the hearts of fans: in Bing, you can view the words “guy” and “married” into the queries close to her title. Silje has achievements in recreations (the second Winter Olympics,four medals during the World Extreme Games, and something during the World Snowboard Championships in 2017) plus in the modeling business (you is able to see photographs of marketing shootings and magazine covers in her own Instagram). 继续阅读Top ten Hottest Girls of this Olympics 2018



Sajiv Singh 是卡耐基梅隆大学机器人系的教授 ,同时运营着一家从事低空飞行业务的公司 NearEarth。他说,即使是短途飞行,无人机也会面对着很多的问题。“他们提议的不是无人居住地之间的运送,而是从仓库到消费者住处,就是说城市或者郊区,” 他说,“在这种特殊情况下,无人机必须探测出路上的各种突发状况。或许,它会飞过地图上未曾标示的区域。即使地图上标出了完全的线路,新的建筑设施也可能会出现。或许 GPS 信号被屏蔽或者部分屏蔽,然后,它不知道自己到了哪里。” 这些问题都是可以解决的,但是,这并不容易。

一个关键问题是,维持与无人机的通讯,以及通讯断掉后的方案。“如果你使用的是商用无人机,它会继续前行,然后坠毁到地面,” 机器人学家 Daniel Huber 说。

目前,Huber 正在参与一个自动飞行项目,通过无人机探测地面上的建筑。“我们正在开发一种算法。你划定一块区域,然后,它会自动在这块区域内飞行,探测地面情况,然后报告。” 另外,无人机的飞行距离也可能获得改进。Huber 说,无人机公司 SkyCatch 展示了一种技术。无人机可以自动起飞,然后,当其电量不足的时候,它会落到充电站上面。“当电量不足,它会落下来,补充电量,然后继续飞行,” 他说。问题是,自动化能否达到人们期望的程度,仍然是一个未知数。

即使是技术上过关,安全仍是不可忽视的问题。Singh 说,商业无人机要真正投入运营,必须维持很低的故障率。就是说,一百万小时内才出现一次严重故障。由于空中飞行本身就是危险的,因此,安全标准必须高。

“如果是商业飞机的话,他们通常会说,‘有一个部件出问题了,我们必须回去,’ ” 他说,“那是一个拥有 60 年经验的成熟行业啊!如果无人机坠落到繁忙的高速路呢,这种设想让我非常害怕。” 为此,无人机必须有紧急状况下的应对方案,“如果故障出现,它必须做出合理的反应”。

图片来自 Wired

20 REALLY SCARY in addition to common plan mistakes

20 REALLY SCARY in addition to common plan mistakes

Determined by informal comments from pupils and advisors, it’s going to be yet another record-breaking year for first applications. And if you’re one of several thousands of school seniors continue to trying to whip Day of the Dead (November 1) early on deadlines, The halloween season might seem really difficult at this point.

To start with you start seeking to make up for sacrificed time by means of mindlessly constantly pushing out use, remember that faults due to negligence or false impression can be great priced.

To avoid ghoulish results, here’s a list of prevalent mistakes created by applicants attempting to hurry the task:

  1. Not looking through instructions. Before starting any kind of application, please read instructions or viewinstructional videos. The application form dictionary supplied by theCommon Component is a handy reference tool for realizing various terms you might experience while doing your application.

    2 . Ready until the late. Stuff transpires. Your computer fails, electricity quickly scans the blogosphere, the internet travels down, or computers are lessened to a spider. Why likelihood it?

    3. Not entering a legitimate email address. And also you wonder why you haven’t heard from any educational facilities?

    check out. Forgetting to help disable pop-up blockers. Along with whose failing is it that you can’t find those features of the application showing in pop-up windows?

    5. While using wrong cell phone browser. Most on the web applications need more modern variations of Internet Manager or other specific browser which are clearly identified from the instructions. Ensure that you’re employing a agreeable browser to ensure optimum results.

    6. Not necessarily checking EACH individual college’s conditions and deadlines. The information just about all there— deadlines, fees, and even supplementary tips. But don’t rely on data gathered final summer. Return back and ensure that nothing is promoting.

    siete. Forgetting in order to save data in addition to log away. You usually haven’t any more than 1 hr per internet page before you’ll timed outside. If you stroll off for the length of time to create a phone call or have a snack, be sure to make use of save/logout characteristic to save the application. Otherwise do the job may be forfeited.

    7. Using the ‘back’ button. This may cause information to be displaced or not properly saved to the application. Navigate through the file using the buttons within the applying it itself.

    some. Clicking on an unacceptable item inside of a drop down menu. It’s fantastic how many students say these types of from Canada or Afghanistan, both of that can be frequently displayed right below the United States when drop-downs intended for countries of residence.

    10. Getting into incorrect files including day of entry into the world or ssn. An incorrect particular date of entry into the world may have a few interesting implications including disaster to open a forex account (if a person appear very young) and might require technology support to straighten out. An incorrect or missing social security number may affect financial aid. Check the basics before “saving. in

  1. That will apply fast but checked out regular selection. This is an straightforward mistake to make especially if an individual has changed your brain a couple of times in relation to which component strategy successful for you. Take care that your component says anything you mean.

    12. Not necessarily thoroughly going over the application pertaining to spelling or grammar blunders and truncated text. Take advantage of the print termes conseillés function (if there is one) to print out your finished application or perhaps application brief summary in advance of distributing. Proofread pretty carefully— try to look for omissions in addition to typos. Make sure nothing necessary was cutoff (this is a reported dilemma for the 2015-16 Common Application). If points don’t sound right, revise together with use regularly accepted abbreviations to type essay online fit while in the space furnished. Note that you may want to download the most recent version of Adobe Weightlifter to with the your contract. Usually do not skip this!

    thirteen. Not presenting all autographs for the Premature Decision Agreement . Remember that the Early Selection agreements in general require a few separate signatures— student, parent, and counselor— to be comprehensive for a large number of colleges.

  1. Could be alternate applying it and fails to arrange just for supporting written documents. ‘ VIP’ or even ‘snap programs, ‘ are usually offers for you to short-circuit the task by offering exceptional applications. Often the price is waived and sometimes the particular essay is usually waived. Electrical power variations for the theme. In case you go this kind of route, be sure to tell your education counselor and even arrange for required documents for instance transcripts or possibly test fares to be delivered.

    12-15. Failing to provide accurate or simply complete endorsement information. When your counselor and teachers reveal they want to publish recommendations electronically, you must offer you complete plus accurate message addresses on their behalf in the place indicated. If not there will be an inability to display.

    07. Opening various accounts. The more common App warns against opening a series of zynga poker chips. Maybe you want to use a different identify or maybe you could have forgotten some sort of password and do not want to hold out to go through the password access system. Difficult good, and you also risk challenging the process by way of trying to open up additional addresses.

    18. Forgetting so that you can sign the particular document. The main completed plan will not send until the keep track of is authorized electronically. To the Common Iphone app, the submitter process requires three ways: review, payment, submission. Regardless if you’ve reviewed the application in addition to paid the fee, it truly is still thought of NOT developed until you complete the final trademark and click on the submit control key. Be sure to scan for confirmation how the application has been submitted.

    18. Definitely not verifying that this submission process is FINISHED before signing out. Of course, you have to simply click ‘Submit’ as soon as you’ve accomplished. There may be a list of screens to explain to ensure details is kept. If you shut down down prior to going through the process, you hazard an incomplete application or no submission at all. Again, check for confirmation how the application is submitted.

    19. Not necessarily following up with essential supplements. The application form and products are generally divide processes. Simply because you’ve posted your application does NOT mean required products will ‘automatically’ follow. Once more: check for seeking that all aspects of the application have been submitted.

    20. Neglecting to ask for aid. If you have practical difficulties, do not be afraid individuals the ‘Help Desk, ‘ Technical Support, ‘ or work with ‘Contact’ back links.

Avoid getting haunted by careless problems. Leave a number of lead some carefully critique everything you distribute.

Getty Images 为 Oculus 推出 360 度全景服务

目前 Oculus 已宣布 Rift 头戴 VR 设备会在 2016 年 Q1 进军主流市场,跟技术相关的公司当然已开始备战吧。Getty Images 宣布在 Oculus 360 Photos app 内推出 360 度全景视觉服务,为其提供高分辨率的全景照片,包括 Cannes 电影节和 2014 年 FIFA 世界杯等。另外,如果大家已有 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 和 Galaxy S6 系列手机的话,现已可通过 Gear VR Innovator Edition 观看 Getty 提供的全景照了。

FORTALEZA, BRAZIL - JUNE 29:  EDITOR'S NOTE: Image was created as an Equirectangular Panorama. Import image into a panoramic player to create an interactive 360 degree view. Exclusive Content, outside of all subscription agreements - Premium Pricing applies) The teams line up before the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Round of 16 match between Netherlands and Mexico at Castelao on June 29, 2014 in Fortaleza, Brazil.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/360/Getty Images)



Getty Images 为 Oculus 推出 360 度全景服务

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发改委:电商平台不得出现虚假促销 | 爱范早读

1. 发改委发布关于《禁止价格欺诈行为的规定》有关条款解释的通知。 该通知界定了三种构成价格欺诈的情形,第三方网络交易平台在网站首页或者其他显著位置标示的某网络商品经营者所销售的商品价格低于该网络商品经营者在商品详情页面标示的价格的;第三方网络交易平台声称网站内所有或者部分商品开展促销活动,但网络商品经营者并未实际开展促销活动的;第三方网络交易平台提供的标价软件或者价格宣传软件等强制要求网络商品经营者进行虚假的或者引人误解的价格标示的,这三种情形应当认定第三方网络交易平台构成价格欺诈行为的主体。

2. 全球平均网速上升至 5Mbps。内容分发网络提供商 Akamai 发布了 2015 年第一季度全球互联网状态报告。其中,韩国以 23.6Mbps 的平均网速排名第一,且有五分之一的城市实现了 25Mbps 的宽带覆盖。香港以 16.7Mbps 的网速排名第三。

3. Facebook 将为南非移动运营商 Cell C 的用户提供免费上网服务。根据服务的内容,Cell C 的用户可以免费浏览 Facebook 以及约 30 家提供医疗和就业信息的网址。这项服务将自 7 月起生效。

4. 印度现首例 iPhone 6 爆炸事件。这名用户上周刚买了这台 iPhone。事发时,他正开着手机免提和朋友聊天。突然他发现 iPhone 6 火花四射并变得很热,于是他赶紧把手机扔出车外,手机一掉在地上就爆炸了。所幸,他本人没有受伤。

5. 爱立信启动裁员计划。爱立信今年 3 月曾宣布,作为 90 亿瑞典克朗(约合 11 亿美元)成本压缩计划的一部分,公司将在瑞典裁员 2200 人,受影响最大的研发人员和供给人员。爱立信近日表示,公司已确定裁员约 2100 人。从本月开始,已经陆续向受影响员工下达了裁员通知书。在这 2100 人中,约 1700 人不会被分配新职位,意味着他们将彻底离开公司。



Academic language for essay writing:5 points to assist you

Points #1.

Don’t use contractions
Contractions will be the words created from two abbreviated terms, such as “don’t”, “cannot” and “won’t”. Please write the complete terms.

Points number 2.

Do not use colloquial vocabulary
Colloquial language includes terms and expressions which are utilized in everyday language that is spoken. They don’t offer the exactness required in a setting that is academicFowler & Allen, 1992).

A good example is:
pension is something nearly all of us must face in the course of time.
This may be changed by the greater formally worded:
Retirement is inescapable.

Also avoid other styles of conversational language such as for instance numbers of message, cliches and idioms; as an example:

Colloquial Expression Formal Alternative
above board legitimate
reached a medium that is happy a satisfactory compromise
cope with it survive, penetrate
component and parcel intrinsic to
easier in theory harder in training
beyond a shadow of question positively
in the past few years recently
spend lip solution to help through terms although not through actions
got beyond control ended up being no more under control
a obstacle point of contention
explored every avenue investigated options

Points #3.

Stay away from run-on expressions
Run on expressions consist of expressions such as ‘and therefore forth’, ‘and the like’ or ‘etc’. Make an effort to complete the phrase precisely; don’t use these them; for example: if you can avoid

casual (includes operate on) Formal nurses that are alternative just take into cons >and the like . Nurses has to take into account patients’ nutritional requirements caused by allergies, medicine and conditions that are medical.
trains and buses includes vehicles for general general general public usage regarding the roadways, airways, waterways and so forth Trains and buses includes automobiles for general general general public usage, such as for example buses, trains and aeroplanes.

Points no. 4.

Don’t use rhetorical questions 继续阅读Academic language for essay writing:5 points to assist you